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Cortera Pulse® gives wholesale distribution finance executives the ability to continuously monitor all of their customers for meaningful changes in financial health. 

During your 10-day FREE trial of Pulse- you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor an unlimited number of customers
  • Assign an unlimited number of users to access the data
  • Receive a daily alert summary email
  • View important insights on your Top 50 accounts
  • Identify your highest risk and most collectable accounts
  • Receive 10 FREE Cortera Deep Dive Reports - $60 value
  • Query an unlimited number of companies for purchase & payment behavior data
  • Access your Cortera Portfolio Analysis report, including portfolio benchmarking

Priced at just $99 per month, Cortera Pulse provides a powerful business intelligence solution to wholesaler-distributors of all sizes, for a very economical cost. Try Cortera Pulse for free and see how we stack up to our high-cost competitors.